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Enjoy the luxurious and private Hocking Hills chalets/crofts at Glenlaurel.

A croft is a smaller version of a cottage. A croft is about 450 square feet whereas a cottage is about 700 square feet.  In Scotland, the word "croft" is used to describe a small farmstead with a house, a barn, and a small paddock or fenced barnyard.  We use the term to distinguish a smaller housing unit from one of our larger housing units. Glenlaurel has four East Crofts on Thistle Ridge overlooking Camusfearna Gorge, and three West Crofts in the Hamlet overlooking Bannock Burn Ravine. 

East Crofts
The four East Crofts are a five-minute walk from the Manor House with parking near the front croft door. Each croft has a kitchenette, living room, queen bed, gas log fireplace, screened porch, and hot tub on a private deck overlooking Camusfearna Gorge. 

West Crofts
In the West Crofts, each croft contains one spacious room with a king sized bed overlooking the massive stone fireplace. An entertainment center for playing DVDs or videos stands in the corner. Cozy, fireside chairs or loveseats invite quiet conversation by a warm, glowing fire. There's a small kitchenette area, a spacious bathroom with a shower for two, and a large private deck with a hot tub and lounge chairs.

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  • The Bruce - West Croft

    Robert the Bruce was the king who changed the face of Scotland. He picked up the freedom gauntlet from William Wallace and proceeded to confront the English in the battle of Bannockburn. One of the three West Crofts in the Hamlet, the Bruce Croft contains images of Robert the Bruce set on a warm golden pallet signifying the romantic side of chivalry. The...

  • The Drummond - East Croft

    One of our four East Crofts, the Drummond was one of the first crofts built at Glenlaurel. Clan Drummond's ancestral home is a Kildrummie Castle near Aberdeen on the east coast of Scotland. Decorated in cream and deep red, The Drummond Croft has a kitchenette, living room, and bedroom with a see-through gas log fireplace that you can see from the bed &...

  • The Elliot - East Croft

    The Elliot's were known as the weavers of the Highlands. It was never quite known if they were weavers of fabric or stories. The shades of the croft creates a relaxing getaway around the gas log fireplace for those who appreciate each other most in a romantic surrounding. As with the other three East Crofts, this kitchenette has a microwave, sink,...

  • The Gordon - West Croft

    The Gordon clan was known as the magicians of the Highlands of Northeastern Scotland. The standing stones pictured on the mantle represent the magic required to erect stones. And indeed the Gordon Croft sits on the southwestern corner of the Hamlet.

  • The MacBeth - West Croft

    King MacBeth (son of life) reigned for 14 years of peace without invading or being invaded. No small feat! He ruled in consort with his infamous wife Lady MacBeth. Lady MacBeth was the inspiration for the ever-popular Shakespearean play MacBeth. The walls of this wee Croft, honoring the MacBeth name, are royal red with complimentary fabric of navy blue...

  • The MacDougal - East Croft

    The MacDougal is reputed to be the most colorful of the four East Crofts with cream and pumpkin motif. It is also the only totally wheel-chair accessible unit. This croft has all the standard equipment including kitchenette, living room, bedroom, and see through gas log fireplace that can be seen from the bed, from the sofa, and from the private deck...

  • The Sinclair - East Croft

    One of the four East crofts, the Sinclair has the sofa named "Mother" by virtue of its nurturing nature and is decorated in shades of beige, cream, and burgundy. As the other 3 East Crofts, the Sinclair has a kitchenette, living room, and bedroom with gas log fireplace that faces both rooms.


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